Our Journey

We've worked hard to turn an inaccessible formal garden into a vibrant, wildlife-rich, place for our residents to enjoy! 

a) Why focus on the Garden?

In 2014, spring sprang in the Beechwood garden without any colour, or use by residents!

Whilst it may have 'looked nice' to some people, Beechwood's garden lacked any shrubs or flowers to attract wildlife. The hard edge to the pond also made it not very wildlife friendly.

More importantly residents weren't even able to access their own greenspace by wheelchair. The existing flagstones needed extensive resetting, and would even then provide a poor surface for wheelchair use.

Existing resources only enabled limited maintenance and slow deterioration of the garden. Something had to do done!

b) Getting organised

In April a project team was formed to help turn the garden into a colourful, wildlife-friendly and accessible resource for residents to enjoy. 

Consisting of Beechwood staff, a resident champion, local volunteers and the environmental charity Environmental Alliance, the project group started making firm plans to raise funds and start work to realise this vision.

Volunteers in front of Beechwood

Staff  from Huddersfield's Job Centre Plus volunteered to help dig over the Beechwood garden

Local organisations such as Igneus, JobCentre Plus and JLL have all pitched in to help out at Beechwood.
c) Phase One - The Basics

With the help of Environmental Alliance, 2014 saw major changes in the garden.

The sale of the garden's unsuitable flagstones raised an incredible £10,000 enabling significant siteworks to commence.

Once the stones were removed some major landscaping took place. Then came the creation of the access paths for residents to use. The crushed sandstone path surfacing was an interim solution. What the paths really needed was a bonded gravel surface.

At this half-way point we had a mini-celebration and officially launched phase two of the project. Our friends at Pixel Fountain also produced a great video for us.

d) Phase Two - Shaping Up

Our fundraising campaign had a major boost when staff at Howdens Joinery raised over £7,500 in the Great North Run.

Combined with other money we were able to bring in The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) from Leeds to work their magic constructing a pergola, path edging and a barbecue area. They also spring cleaned the pond.

The Garden and Pond shapes up

The garden takes shape thanks to great work from The Conservation Volunteers from Leeds, and KBI who surfaced the paths.

Then came the our friends from KBI who did a great job putting a superb bonded gravel surface on the paths.